Chest with rosettes

Art. 8-1432

Length: 164 cm

Depth: 64 cm

Height: 65 cm

Antique chest that can be traced to the period of the late 17th century made special by the presence of hand-carved rosettes.


The two legs, which support the body of the chest, are carved in scrolls and carry the only note of Baroque style present in this piece of furniture.

The chest probably comes from the Lombard region placeable in northern Italy.


The wood used in the construction of this furniture is domestic walnut, except for the bottom, which was remade later in fruit tree wood.

Given the antiquity of the chest it will surely have changed many owners during its lifetime.

The different-colored dowel that can be glimpsed above the central rosette is a feature we decided to leave untouched as it shows the long life of the chest.


The dowel covers the space that, in ancient times, was used for the lock: it was probably born to contain inside it something very precious and important but we can never know this.

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