Experience in shipping antique furniture worldwide

The experience we have gained over the years has allowed us to improve our shipping methods more and more. We guarantee strong and compact packaging so that your furniture arrives at its destination perfect in its integrity.
Shipping Antique Furniture Sommacal

Custom Packaging: Our Guarantee

Each product is packed with several layers of cardboard and bubble wrap, which allows it to be protected from any bumps or shocks.

We then store your products inside a wooden crate on a pallet for easier handling. Each wooden crate is tailor-made in order respecting the dimensions of the furniture that it needs to protect and contain.


Thanks to this process, which has been developed through the years, our products have reached customers from different parts of the world without ever being damaged, broken or even scratched.

Shipping Antique Furniture Sommacal
Shipping Antique Furniture Sommacal

Reliable and Secure Transportation

Our pieces are of considerable size and weight. These two characteristics can present great difficulties in handling the products. For this reason, we rely on people who are professionals in the field of antique furniture transportation.

Shipping Antique Furniture Sommacal
Shipping Antique Furniture Sommacal

Our furniture

Every piece of furniture has its own story tied to the hands and the person who crafted it. All the craftsmanship is handmade by our artisans, making the final result even more precious.


When you visit our showroom, you’ll have the opportunity to discern the various types of wood, different styles, and diverse techniques.


Our passion for art and the antique has, over time, led us to have a modest collection of unique pieces at your disposal.