Chest of Veneto region

Art. 8-1439

Length:162 cm

Depth: 57 cm

Height: 57 cm

Simple antique chest of the mid-1700s.

We can say that the chest was probably of provincial origin (Veneto area) since the line of its form is very basic and does not bear large ornamental motifs.


The cabinet was made entirely of solid walnut wood, both internally and externally.

The characteristic use of such a fine wood suggests us that the chest was probably made specifically to be intended as a gift or tribute.


In Italy, at the celebration of a wedding, it was customary for the bride’s family to collect a number of objects (such as linens, dishes, furniture, plates..) that she herself would later use in her new home and during her new married life.

Here, then, our chest may have been built specifically to contain within it the bride’s “dowry.”


No major restorations were made to the artifact but simply a careful cleaning of the wood.

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