Fine furniture for private customers

“Elasticity” is the word that over time has come to define yet another aspect of the company’s identity and our work.
Through our experience and the passion for what we do, we have broadened our horizons to the production of custom-made furniture. Every customer request is for us a wish that needs to be fulfilled to the fullest.
Fine Furniture Sommacal

Classic Furnishings in Style

We manufacture classic furnishings in style for all types of environments: from the private home to the office setting.


Thanks to our ability to adapt each piece of furniture to the right environment and function, we succeed in optimally packaging different kinds of furnishing item.


No matter what the final purpose of the furnishing item purchased, the most important thing for us is to fully satisfy our customers’ requests.

Fine Furniture Sommacal
Fine Furniture Sommacal

Custom-made Furnishings

We monitor the production of our furniture items step-by-step: from the initial design up to the finishing touches.


We try to stick as closely as possible to the customer’s request in terms of the item’s color, which can be a varying shade of walnut or lacquer.


In addition, through cooperation with our employees, we provide customers with the option of choosing from a wide range of fabrics: from the most modern patterns to the most classic.

Fine Furniture Sommacal
Fine Furniture Sommacal
Fine Furniture Sommacal


Elasticity but also “personality” are the winning cards of our business. The production of furniture, therefore, must be more than just a job and must rather be able to convey a sense of uniqueness and passion to the customer.


Every piece of furniture we make is unique in its kind because, even if reproduced in series, no two items can ever be the same. This is the uniqueness that only the handmade work of a craftsman can offer.
Fine Furniture Sommacal
Fine Furniture Sommacal

Our furniture​

The preservation of the classic style and antique furniture has enabled us to have a large collection of furniture available to our customers who love this timeless style.

Our passion for the art of classic furniture materializes in unique and refined pieces.


Discover the timeless elegance of our furniture and transform your home into a space of beauty and sophistication.