Fine furniture for private customers

In recent years, “continuous pursuit” are the words that have given us the ability to keep classic and antique furniture alive.

Thanks to a strong collaboration and mutual trust that we have cultivated with our craftsmen for years, we are able to introduce ourselves to our customers also with a production of custom made furniture. Every request is for us a wish to be fulfilled and a unique project to be realized.

Classic Furnishings in Style

We produce classic style furniture for any kind of environment: from homes to professional environments such as studios or offices.


Our experience in the furniture sector has never disappointed even with the most special and high demanding requests.


Over the years, we have furnished different kinds of rooms with both our custom-made production and some of our classic and antique furniture.

Fine Furniture Sommacal
Fine Furniture Sommacal

Custom-made Furnishings

Each project is followed step by step: from the draft of the first drawing down to the packaging. Each step is essential, which is why our team of artisans has been carefully selected throughout years of collaboration.


We try to preserve as much as possible the processes that are still done by hand such as carving, inlaying, upholstery and polishing or lacquering.


It is very important for us to guarantee our customers the highest quality of the Made in Italy brand.

Fine Furniture Sommacal
Fine Furniture Sommacal
Fine Furniture Sommacal


Every piece of our furniture, both classic and custom made, must resemble the personality of the customer who buys it.


That’s why we devote our time to everyone who comes to visit us at our headquarters, indeed it is crucial to understand the needs of our customers thoroughly.


Our craftsmen and their knowledge are probably the most valuable asset because they also confer human value to the finished product.

Fine Furniture Sommacal
Fine Furniture Sommacal

Our furniture​

Every piece of furniture has its own story tied to the hands and the person who crafted it. All the craftsmanship is handmade by our artisans, making the final result even more precious.


When you visit our showroom, you’ll have the opportunity to discern the various types of wood, different styles, and diverse techniques.


Our passion for art and the antique has, over time, led us to have a modest collection of unique pieces at your disposal.