Chest with eagle

Art. 8-1426-G

Length: 153 cm

Depth: 58 cm

Height: 52 cm

An antique chest originally from the 1600s and the region of Veneto, with a simple and austere look.

This piece is in fruitwood and has been carefully restored, which made it possible to keep the original parts while repairing those compromised by time.


The front of the chest was enhanced with a decorative element in wrought iron. The eagle, a one-of-a-kind work, was created and welded entirely by hand by highly skilled blacksmiths.

Considering the simplicity of the shape of the chest, we can be fairly certain that in the past it belonged to a family of humble origins (probably farmers).

Historically this type of furniture was used to contain important objects that the family needed.


The finish is neutral (also know as β€˜rough’) because it does not colour the wood but enhances its natural essence, exalting the signs of wear.

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