Bench with lions

Art. 33-5052

Length: 93 cm

Depth: 59 cm

Height: 52/95 cm

A small bench created entirely by hand and made unique by the presence of two lions on each side.


The bench was constructed in solid wood.

The two hand-carved lions seem to support the bench, lending it an air of importance and majesty.

The figure of the lion has always held a particular charm in human civilization.

We can find lions in both religious settings and in fairy tales.

The lion has always represented good fighting against evil.

We also find this figure (often in pairs) at the feet of tombs or at the entrances of homes, as lions are also a symbol of protection and control.


The finish, which is also rigorously done by hand, enhances the vivacity of the contours of both sculptures.

This is a particular technique that calls for multiple coats of colour.

In this way multiple layers of colours will be successively scraped to obtain the desired worn effect.

The bench was finished on all four sides.

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