Antique walnut chest

Art. 8-1452-C

Length: 161 cm

Depth: 54 cm

Height: 59 cm

Antique rustic chest dating from the mid-1700s in clear 15th-century style.

The craftsman who made the chest clearly copied the Gothic style by repurposing it in a later period.


The structure of the chest is made entirely of Italian walnut wood.

Some frames and the two feet were replaced during the restoration phase.

The decoration, present on the front, turns out to be quite sober.

It consists of two engraved rosettes in the shape of a spiky flower.


The polishing is by shellac later finished with beeswax to enhance the precious grain of the walnut.

Curious is the history behind the chest as a piece of furnishing.

The past testifies that the chest was the oldest known piece of furniture.

It was already present in the Middle Ages because, at that time, dwellings designed for several extended families living in community had only one room used for a variety of needs.

Thus, the chest was the household furniture considered essential since it served both as a container for clothing, linens, money, precious things and as a seat once the lid was closed.

It could happen that, in the absence of beds, it was also used as a sleeping support.

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