Venetian sideboard

Art. 13-32

Length: 128 cm

Depth: 38 cm

Height: 96 cm

An unusual sideboard in 19th-century style, with two rounded side doors and a large central door, all decorated with frames in laminated wood and tulip wood.

Below the top is a long, thin drawer with no handles to open it.


The views of Venice are certainly the outstanding feature of this piece.

Every detail, painted on each of the three doors, was created entirely by hand by our expert artist.

The finish was achieved thanks to a special technique that calls for the layering of several coats of colours.

Later, when the surface is sanded, it leaves an antique effect.


Inside each of the three compartments there is a shelf that can either be removed or adjusted.

For the reproductions of the views of the Venetian lagoon, our artist was inspired by the great masters of the Vedutismo – or school of landscapes – like Canaletto and Guardi.

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