Antique sideboard with four doors

Art. 13-1275

Length: 270 cm

Depth: 42 cm

Height: 120 cm

Elegant sideboard from the discovery of some sacred furnishings from the 16th-century period.


The artifact, in its originality, was part of a top of a much more complex piece of furniture used to contain vestments and clothes used during liturgical celebrations.

We are certain that it belonged to the uppermost part of a complex piece of furniture since, the sideboard formed by four doors, it lacked the feet.


The feet, made of national walnut wood, were added later thanks to our restoration work.

However, the structure itself has retained its originality.


The back has a peculiarity of its era: as you can see, the five horizontal planks that form the back of the sideboard were nailed directly to the side.

This feature further certifies its historical authenticity.


The austere piece of furniture is at the same time elegant and is suitable for any type of environment.

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