Antique chest of drawers in the style of the 16th century

Art. 10-1299

Length: 141 cm

Depth: 56 cm

Height: 101 cm

Rare and very old chest of drawers in the style of the 16th century.

The dresser is special because it consists of two side doors that adorn the shoulders, as well as the classic horizontal drawers.

The two middle drawers follow the shape of the circumference of the plate and are very spacious.

The top, the two drawers, the two doors and the two sides are decorated with a thread inlaid in the wood of the Bois de Rose.


The four legs that carry the dresser are balustrades and decorated with a carving.

The cross, which is under the dresser, connects the four legs and converges them to a point placed exactly in the middle of it.


The finish, like the polishing, is done completely by hand and then finished with beeswax.

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