Antique dresser with ivory inlaid

Art. 10-1568

Length: 153 cm

Depth: 72 cm

Height: 108 cm

Very valuable original flap chest of drawers from the late 17th century, from the Belluno area (Veneto region).


The chest of drawers has some elements that were integrated during the restoration phase. The cornice and feet were recovered from an antique chest of little artistic value and adapted to the dresser.

The skill of the craftsman is to be able to enhance even what, at first glance, might seem irretrievable so that it can be given further life under a new guise.

The chest of drawers has previously been described by us as “precious” because it is enriched by the presence of ivory and ebony wood inlays.


The inlay technique involves carving out a template, in our case over a slab of walnut wood, and subsequently filling it with a material that can be precious wood or hard material.

The use of precious materials such as mother-of-pearl, silver and semi-precious stones began in the second half of the 15th century, the beautiful Renaissance era.


The chest of drawers consists of three very capacious drawers and a flap that serves as a false drawer.

The precious ebony and ivory inlay is shown in all its beauty, leaving one to imagine, moreover, the skill and patience employed by the inlayer, the author of this authentic work of art.

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