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An antique Italian secretary desk is the staple, based on which all the other antique European desks are measured to find out their traditions and artistic values.

What’s the fuss about desks? You may wonder. While the purpose of a desk remained pretty much the same, there were a great variety of desk designs developed over the years. Some of them doesn’t resemble modern styles at all, yet is being revived or collected time and again to be used in contemporary setup.

Among the various classic desks, the antique Italian secretary desk is very popular for both their style and functionalities.


Unique Attraction of Italian Antique Desks

Whether it’s medieval art, the Renaissance, or the Art-Deco movement; Italian artists and craftsmen always remained at the forefront in each of those movements. Showcasing their understanding, craftsmanship, and artistry in all mediums of art and architecture; the highly sophisticated Italian style can still be felt in antique Italian Secretary desk pieces.

Depending on their time and place of origin, an Italian antique desk can be of various types. Some Venetian style showcases splendour with their ingenious curves, while some Tuscan style showcases authentic ruggedness of the materials. Irrespective of the style, you can expect some deep coating, wood finishes, and spruce materials. Most of them also come with spacious drawers for storage.

Functionalities and Style of Antique Italian Desks

Comprehensively styled in all four fronts, an antique Italian secretary desk can be placed in any corner or in the middle of a room. They can be integrated in a classic home, or with modern furniture to create a unique composition. They are very functional too, with enough storage, secured lock, and scientific hand and leg placements.

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