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No matter which particular style of antique secretary desk 1700s you choose, the desk is sure to represent the crafty, classy person that you are.

During the 1700s, secretary desks has seen quite a few different revolutionary changes. Let’s just say, it was the century of massive experiments in desk designs; and some of them remain trendy to this date.

As was the norm in the 18th century, every desk used to be made immaculately, in all sides. Therefore, they can be placed in any corner of a room, or even in the middle; enhancing the décor in every way. So why not add some royalty to your work setup with an antique secretary desk of the 1700s?


Characteristics of 1700s Antique Desk

An antique secretary desk 1700s can come with a flat top or a slightly slant top, depending on the time period or the place of origin. The flat top desks of the 1700s could also come featuring a set of drawers on it for storage, keeping enough space for writing in the middle.

Some other styles, especially those originated in France or in England usually feature a set of drawers underneath the top shelves, with enough leg room in the middle. Such desk could also feature a pullout mechanism for the chair; streamlining the setup without requiring much space.

Whichever style you choose though, antique secretary desk 1700s are certain to feature intricate woodworking with striking wooden finish. Copper or iron handles are no alien to them either.

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