Renaissance style antique sideboard

An integral element to almost every room in a modern household, sideboards can play a key role in your interior aesthetics, especially if it’s a Renaissance style antique sideboard.
Before fitting cupboards became a commonplace thing in modern kitchens, sideboards were the quintessential element of a dining space. Featuring multiple drawers and cupboards in a sturdy body; it used to be the storage solution for all the glasses, kitchenettes, table linens, towels, candles, and so on. In modern homes, though, sideboards have been liberated from the kitchen. It is now placed in living rooms, dressing rooms, hallways, foyer, and just about anywhere. With many options available – including the wonderful Renaissance style antique sideboard at Sommacal, you are sure to find the ones suitable for your needs.

Characteristics of Renaissance Style

During the Renaissance, almost all the furniture took a shift from elaborated ornamentation. Ornamentation still prevailed, albeit in a minimal form.
They usually featured some simplistic, functional designs; sometimes with additional adornments like columns, cornices, or pediments. The commonly used materials were walnut woods or chestnuts, with the continuation of oaks here and there. The finishes used to be darker, creating a stark contrast with the brighter walls. The locks and knobs, on the other hand, used to be done in brass or iron. The Renaissance style antique sideboard showcased on Sommacal share many of these characteristics, with enough spaces to store all your goods. It is a perfectly authentic product, in its full working condition.

How to Pick the Right Antique Sideboard?

Although, a Renaissance style antique sideboard can be integrated in both modern and classic homes, they work well as a standalone piece or the focal point. So, measure your space and take stock of your other furniture to find the perfect one.

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