Original writing desk

Art. 20-1578

Length: 108 cm

Depth: 62 cm

Height: 73/110 cm

Original writing desk from the late 19th century from the Veneto area.

The peculiarity of the period from 1870 to 1890 can be defined by the word “confusion.”

The chaos that was created in those two decades was given by the revival of all previous styles.

The period in question is called Historicism or Eclecticism.


The desk bears witness to this as aesthetically it depicts the mixture of styles that we can see, for example, in the turning (Neo-Baroque), the carved carvings and the carved edge on the table top (Neoclassical).


The structure of the desk was made by the craftsman using solid walnut wood.

On the front is a flap with a leather top that closes inside, a single capacious compartment.


On the upper shelf, in the shape of a colonnade, are two small drawers separated by a faux drawer with a flap.

The central false drawer was probably used to lay nibs and inkwells.

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