Ex-confessional bookcase

Art. 16-1032

Length: 360 cm

Depth: 53 cm

Height: 272 cm

A particular bookcase made from the transformation of an 18th-century confessional recovered from one of the churches in the Veneto region.


The central part of the bookcase consists of two glass doors, the same ones that the priest used to enter inside the confessional.

The two sides of the bookcase were made by frontally adapting the side part of the confessional that was used by the faithful during confession.


The original depth of the confessional was reduced and adapted to the functionality of the bookcase.

The interior of the bookcase is covered with a yellow damask, but upon request it can be replaced with a walnut polish.

The bookcase is divisible into three parts that can be assembled with common scope screws.

This bookcase is unique in the world and contains within it all the artistic sanctity of its era.

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