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Whether you need a desk for writing, reading, working, or any other purposes; an antique Tuscan style secretary desk can be a valuable addition to your home.

While in modern days, desks usually come featuring a flat top with little to no storage solution. In the past, it used to be designed to serve both the writing and working purposes, as well as some storage solutions. An antique Tuscan style secretary desk is no different, except that it comes with the nostalgia and classiness of that time. They can also benefit in creating a lavish setup in anywhere you want to place them.

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Characteristics of Tuscan Style Desk

Whether it’s an antique Tuscan style secretary desk or something else, the first thing that you would notice is its simplicity. They are more rustic, often made with rough-sawn woods and painted in earthy colours. The finishes are often sun-baked, tanned wood. Some of the furniture may also come with the accent of tiles, wrought iron, or marble.

Today, when recreating a Tuscan style desk, manufacturers even give the new woods a distressing treatment. Our antique Tuscan style secretary desk is no different. Highly sophisticated, yet worn out; this desk is perfect to store a lot of important documents, while also getting things done on top of it quite comfortably.

How to Décor with Antique Tuscan Desk

Primarily designed to be a standalone piece, an antique Tuscan style secretary desk can be placed as a centrepiece or as a focal point. You can incorporate it in any interior style – both classic and modern. Of course, if it’s lacquered or painted with grapevines or flowers, you would have to surround it with plainly coloured furniture. Moreover, for authenticity, make sure you check the furniture thoroughly, alongside any important paperwork.

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