Lacquered Antique Corner Cupboard

Add a lacquered antique corner cupboard to your home interior or business space from Sommacal, one of the most trusted antique furniture dealer based in Italy. Cupboards are one of the most essential elements of an interior - whether it’s a professional space or a personal one.

They can offer plenty of storage to store different items like books, accessories, kitchenettes, awards and medals, etc. As they are relatively bigger in size, even if it’s the smaller one; it needs some careful consideration to incorporate a cupboard in the design. If it’s a lacquered antique corner cupboard though, the effort will certainly pay off in multi-folds.


Speciality of Lacquered Antique Corner Cupboard

The speciality of an antique corner cupboard lies in its shape and intricate handcrafted detailing. Based on the time of manufacturing as well as the place, they can be lean, thin, and simple; or something very fancy with vibrant finish and intricate woodworking. Due to their ingenious shape and prominent sizes, an antique corner cupboard can work well both as the focal item or as an accent piece. If you opt for a lacquered piece, you can also be certain for its appearance to remain intact for quite a while.

Although predominantly for classic structures, a lacquered antique corner cupboard can also be incorporated with any modern structure. If a particular item is divided into two parts - with both transparent doors and covered drawers; it can be a great way to store all your documents, while also showcasing your key achievements like medals and silverware.

Buy Antiques from a Trusted Dealer

Renowned for expertise and authenticity, Sommacal should be the place you shop for your lacquered antique corner cupboard. No matter which century you are after, or which design, you are guaranteed to get an authentic item.

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