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Furniture for private customers

Some of the environments that we have specially created following the indications of our customers..

La camera da letto per il bambino


These photos show a child's custom-made bedroom that we have carefully furnished following, step by step, the project that was previously approved by the client. The selection of colors fits perfectly with the selection of the walnut finish of the wooden kits.



Our aim was to find a walnut colour that would match as closely as possible the different shades of the wood of the parquet placed before the arrival on site of the furniture. The choice of gold mixed with the walnut-coloured finish adds a touch of brightness, elegance and lightness to the whole environment. Each piece of furniture has been made to measure according to our customer’s requirements in terms of space.


  • walk-in closet

    Being a family-run business, we work closely with similar artisan companies and this allows us to meet every need and requirement of our customers. Before the creation of the child's wardrobe, our architect thoroughly studied the project and worked in close collaboration with the customer's interior designer. Accurate measurements and the study of the space are essential in case of a made-to-measure furnishing used for a specific environment.


    Having a spacious bedroom is very important for a child. It is essential for us that every piece of furniture perfectly matches the wishes of our young customers. This particular child is someone who likes travelling and dreaming.
    The custom-made furniture is elegant and sober at the same time. Each piece of furniture is designed and built with the safety of our customers in mind.

La cabina armadio nella camera da letto per il bambino

The design of the walk-in closet perfectly complies with the measurements and drawings provided by the interior architect. The built-in wardrobes run along the corridor leading to the child's bedroom. The glass doors are made unique by the dark walnut criss-cross pattern.

Camera da letto del bambino

The bedroom has been custom-made for one little customer of ours. For the furnishing we followed the instructions of the interior designer. The classic bed is matched with two bedside tables characterised by an extremely simple yet modern shape. The sides of the two wall-mounted bookcases feature the same criss-cross pattern found on the doors of the walk-in closet.

Arredamento ingresso per il cliente Kristina

The vestibule or entrance hall of a house is a space that is often underestimated even though it is the calling card of the whole house. In this particular area, the customer wanted to combine a two-seater sofa with a very high backrest along the corridor: certainly not suitable for relaxing.

Ingresso del cliente Kristina visto allo specchio

During the design stage of this project, the customer expressed the desire to have console tables along the entrance corridor. Since the space is limited, we decided on three-leg consoles with a smaller diameter compared to standard production so as to best satisfy the demands of the customers.

Arredamento camera da letto, cliente Kristina

Whether our furniture is standard or custom-made, details are never left to chance. The painstaking attention to details is what sets our work apart from the rest. The dressing table has been completed to perfection, starting from the study of the shape up to the hand-applied finishing.

Camera da letto padronale in velluto capitonnè

The master bedroom, spacious and elegant, features a very large bed with a remarkably comfortable reading area. The fabric used for the headboard has also been used for the two dome armchairs and for the stool of the dressing table. Light shades and ivory nuances characterise the furnishing accessories.



    Every woman needs a personal space to care for her beauty. For Kristina, we have created a dressing table with classic and elegant shapes. The fabric used for the stool has also been used for the headboard of the bed and for the two dome armchairs. The space between the dressing table and the stool has been specifically designed to allow our client to sit comfortably with enough space to accommodate the legs without any problem. The carved parts are embellished with gold leaf.

  • The master bedroom

    The bedroom has been created following the guidelines of the architect in charge of the works. The headboard is 3.5 m long and cannot be disassembled since it features a capitonné velvet finish. The diameter of the two bedside tables that frame the bed is limited, as they had to be part of the headboard. Inside the bedroom there are two dome armchairs for which we customised both the fabric and the finishing.

The client wanted a living room in which subdued tones and light play the main role. The sofa and armchairs have been custom-made based on the indications given by the architect. The customer had the opportunity to choose the quality and the shade of the fabric.

The coffee-table is placed in the middle of the living room and is the centrepiece around which everything else revolves. The marble top rests on a wooden structure finished with gold leaf. The mirror reflects the mahogany showcase made to measure both as regards to size and design.

The furnishing designed by the architect for this room combines the soft colours of the fabrics with the darker shades of the furniture finishing. The gold leaf centre table gives radiance to the whole room. Each furnishing accessory has been planned and built following the indications of our client.



    The living room is undoubtedly one of the rooms of the house that is most lived-in. It is often structured and designed as a large space and the furnishing accessories and the objects it contains are also carefully designed. Kristina's living room is the result of the collaboration with some designers who were able to interpret in the best possible way the tastes and attitudes of the hostess.


    In recent years, thanks to our collaboration with artisans from various sectors, we have been able to provide furnishing accessories that go beyond the concept of "art furniture". Some of our customers have entrusted us with the supply of Murano glass and crystal chandeliers and in both instances, colours and sizes were customised. Thanks to ongoing collaboration with companies in the sector, we are also able to supply marble tops and sculptures of different sizes and quality.

Il bagno degli ospiti in casa di Kristina

The architect designed the interior of the guest bathroom so as to make the most of the limited space available. To prevent it from turning into a dark room, the customer chose pale shades of white embellished with golden details. The mirror above the wash-basin complements the setting with elegance.

Una cornice in stile barocco rifinita in foglia d'oro

For the guest bathroom, our client opted for a baroque style frame that was completely finished using gold leaf. The frame was carved entirely by hand by one of our expert carvers. Craftsmanship is of crucial importance and represents the strength that sets us apart from many other furnishing companies.

Nel bagno, la poltroncina in velluto chiaro

For us, the most important thing is to make every wish of our customers come true. Kristina, in her personal bathroom, had imagined a seat that was both elegant and exquisite. The light velvet armchair was the best solution to her needs. The finish of the wooden parts is in gold leaf.

Il bagno in marmo del Portogallo

The master bathroom is a room for the exclusive use of our client and, as such, had to reflect elegance and sophistication. The period furniture that contains the wash-basin was custom-made. The bathroom cabinet had to be suitable to contain the wash-basin's hydraulic pipes. The top is made of pink marble from Portugal.

La cornice intagliata a mano e il mobile per il bagno

The richly carved frame above the full-wall mirror complements the bathroom cabinet made for our client's wash-basin. The carving of the frame was made entirely by hand by our wood craftsmen. The clear lacquer with the gold leaf details is the same used for the underlying furniture.

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