Antique tuscan style furniture

If you are someone who feels nostalgic about the rural life, adding some antique Tuscan style furniture in your interior could easily take you back in time into the rural authenticity. Antique Tuscan style furniture are renowned for their intricate patterns and aged finish. They often feature a sun-baked, rustic look, reminiscent of the ruggedness of the region of its origin.
Long before it was championed by contemporary designers, Tuscan furniture has been sporting a simplistic look, with an added dash of earthbound colours. Playful, vibrant, and functional; antique Tuscan furniture can light up any room, irrespective of the overall setup.

Materials and Constructions Are Key

To spot the authenticity of antique Tuscan style furniture, you have to look closely to the materials and construction of the furniture in question. Tuscan furniture of the past centuries has had a minimalist approach with simple lines. The materials are usually rough-sawn local woods, with some of them adorned with accents of tiles, marble, or wrought iron.
Being worn-out is a key element, with even a piece of new dark woods often getting a distressing treatment. There is no such thing required for antique Tuscan style furniture, however, as you can expect them to be worn out already.

Embrace the Finishes of the Ancient Times in Tuscany

In many antique Tuscan style furniture, being worn out here and there could actually be a stylistic choice in itself.
Thanks to some furniture’s intricate hand painted detailing of grapevines, fruits, or flowers; the worn-out wood may even take up the accent of a completely different hue altogether. Some detailing of copper latches, or iron doors also add to the rustic, ancient finishes. For the finest antique Tuscan style furniture, you can comfortably rely on the quality assurance of Sommacal.

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