Antique Louis XVI style console table

For the lovers of exhibitionist, lavish furniture, an antique Louis XVI style console table is not just a furniture, but an amalgamation of human artistry. Named after King Louis XIV of France (1660-1690), Louis XIV style is characterised by their elaborate ornamentation, intricate woodworking, and some fancy coverings of glided bronze or sculptures. They were spacious, and huge; yet simultaneously functional with unique navigation and sturdy legs.
An antique Louis XVI console table is reminiscent of all that, with the added advantage of versatility and flexibility. Thanks to Sommacal’s passionate approach of finding the best antique furniture, you can now get your hands on a piece that is truly unique, and in perfect working conditions.

Antique Louis XVI Console Table

Antique Louis XVI style console table usually come with a flat top combined with a few small drawers at the front.
Some also come with a pullout chair or pullout side leaves for wonderful space management. While the tables are usually given a glamourous wood finish, some of the table tops can also be lacquered green for striking aesthetic impacts. Usually ornamented all over, they can be also adorned with bronze and marquetry.

How to Décor with Antique Louis XVI Console Table?

As you may know, a console table is one of the most versatile pieces of furniture. They can be used for the staging of antique artefacts, for storage, as buffet tables, etc.
Depending on the size and style, it can also be used as a focal piece in any decoration. Being a striking piece, an antique Louis XVI console table can be placed in your living room, in your bedroom, a hallway corner, etc. You can even make it a centrepiece and surround it with minimalist, modern furniture.

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