17th century venetian style furniture

Being the city of romance, it was obvious that Venice would exude charm and splendour in its 17th century Venetian style furniture. Taking its inspiration of the Renaissance, baroque, and many other great European design philosophies; 17th century Venetian style furniture ooze class, nobility, and the tastefulness of its owner.
The term ‘venetian’ seems to get slapped with almost any flamboyant furniture with strong European feeling; but the 17th century designs can easily stand out for their intricate shapes and detailing. So, whether it’s a dresser, secretary bookcase, writing table, or a cupboard; venetian furniture from the 17th century is certain to hold its own, offering many different compositional choices.

More Means More Grandeur

Every inch of a 17th century Venetian style furniture could surprise you for the work and thoughts that went into it. Star with the fabrics that looks like from a palace, whether its medieval-looking tapestry or sparkling moirés. But it doesn’t stop there. Look at the legs and you would be charmed by how poignantly curved they are; taking a very symmetric, yet extravagant look.
Some furniture may also be adorned with coloured braids for added effects. Numerous wooden inlays, marble tops, fresco or crackle finishes – all of this adds to the exhibitionist and the extravagant appeal of the 17th century Venetian style furniture.

Antique Venetian Forniture

In general, venetian furniture is spacious, large statement piece. With the addition of Murano glasses, it can also be a reflector grabbing all the attention available. However, despite their lavish nature; 17th century Venetian style furniture can showcase class, elegance, royalty, and confidence.
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