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Foto ritratto della famiglia Sommacal

The Sommacal family

The company Sommacal was first established in 1963 under the guidance of its founder, Marcello Sommacal. Historically a family-run business, it is now helmed and managed by the second daughter, Paola Sommacal. Over the years, the company has acquired extensive experience in its field of business, specialising in custom-made furniture, the sale of antique furniture and the reproduction of art furniture. From its founder to his daughter Paola, "Fratelli Sommacal" has always adopted a personal approach in its relations with customers by devoting attention to their individual needs and desires.

Why choose us?

  • Customisation

    "Customisation" is another word that distinguishes this family business. People who choose to purchase a product from "Fratelli Sommacal" choose a world made to measure for themselves, thanks to the close collaboration that the company has established with artisans skilled in the production of marble, steel, glass and fabrics, and with experts in arranging colours and finishes.

  • More than just furniture

    For some years now, the company "Fratelli Sommacal" can proudly boast the slogan "more than just furniture": passion and commitment have also given space to furnishing accessories of every material and shape. , like marble, fabrics, mirrors and classic teardrop chandeliers.

Our mission

The ancient experience and the ideas of young people

Craftmanship is synonymous with detail, passion and a particular concept of "made in Italy" that the company has sought to convey to its customers every day since its very inception. With Paola's experience and her children's new ideas, the company "Fratelli Sommacal" offers customers the possibility of furnishing their home from top to bottom. Thanks to Eleonora and Amedeo, anyone interested can also follow "Fratelli Sommacal" on the major social networks in order to establish a more dynamic and fast connection with the company’s production.


Sommacal Team

Eleonora Calciolari
Eleonora Calciolari

Paola's youngest daughter takes care of public relations with Italian clients. It is the young mind of the group, creating and combining classic and modern furnishings with innovative techniques.

Paola Sommacal
Paola Sommacal

The heart of the company is the volcanic mind in projects and innovations. As a true Captain he is divided between the home and the family business.

Inna Mozharova
Inna Mozharova

Very active in public relations for Sommacal customers in Russia, Inna Mozharova introduces the name Sommacal in the cold Eastern countries.

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