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Offering elegance, class and versatility; an antique venetian trumeau can embellish any interior design - whether classic or modern. Venetian furniture from the last centuries are renowned for their impactful nature and finest taste. The craftsmanship that went into each of the furniture can’t be understated either. Whether it’s a chair or trumeau, antique venetian furniture never fail to offer a unique combination of colours, shapes, and elegant forms. Our antique venetian trumeau is a perfect example of that utmost finesse of venetian woodworks.


Incorporate with Any Design Philosophy

An antique venetian trumeau would usually be a characterised by the curvature in all sides, intricate detailing, lacquered, walnut, ebony, or rosewood finishes, etc. They also usually come with a mirror that doubles up as a door to the chamber underneath. For maximum ease of use, they are often divided in two parts - the upper housing the compartment doors, the lower part containing the drawers.

Due to their ingenious shape and form, an antique venetian trumeau can work wonders with any interior setup. Whether you surround it with contemporary furniture or the classic ones; the trumeau would blend in perfectly with its understated sophistication and incredible functionality.

Things to Consider while Shopping

Just like any antique furniture, if you are shopping for an antique venetian trumeau, you better know what to look out for. Start by checking the spots caused by wears and tears. Is it in a working condition? Were there any repairs done to it? What is the condition of the mirror?

All these things can have a dent on the value of your antique trumeau. At Sommacal, our collectors are aware of all this. With their experience, they always asses each item in our collection thoroughly. We also provide all the documentation available to proof its authenticity.

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