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Wouldn’t it be amazing to place an elegant antique Italian venetian bureau and add some noble touch to your interior? You can certainly turn it into a reality with this antique bureau in its perfect working condition.

Rich solid woodworks, handcrafted carvings on the facades, protected with carved frames are some of the generalised characteristics of an antique Italian Venetian Bureau. Sometimes they are also adorned with handcrafted floral motifs. Different venetian dresser from different centuries also has their own special characteristics. For example, an 18th century antique venetian bureau is marked by their rounded sides and overall a pleasant form.


Functionalities of Antique Venetian Bureau

Depending on the size, an antique Italian venetian bureau can come with two to four drawers, or more. Some also tend to have secret drawers, secured by key. These are highly functional drawers, with enough room for storage. You can place them in a living room or bedroom, dressing room – almost anywhere you want; the appearance of the space is certainly going to benefit from it.

If placed in a spacious bathroom, you can use it to store all the essentials. Combined with a mirror, it can also offer a classic way to get ready. An antique venetian bureau can be found in a variety of finishes too; from natural wood, old walnut to black lacquer or green lacquer, etc.

Why Shop Antiques from Sommacal?

Over the years, Sommacal have gained an incredible amount of experience in collecting prestigious antique furniture from all around Italy. Our expertise in custom-made furniture and art-deco renovation also helped us in learning more about the artistic and historical value of each of our furniture in antique collection. Our antique Italian venetian bureau is no exception; which you would find in a perfect working condition, looking anew.

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