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Celebrate the union of antique woods and mirrors by checking out our vintage sideboard with mirrored upstand collection at Sommacal. Also known as a buffet, a sideboard is a furniture traditionally used in the dining room for added storage and ornamentation. The top of the furniture is usually flat, whether it’s combined with mirrored upstand, or not. They typically come with a number of cabinets and drawers; and are used for storing kitchenettes, cutlery, glasses, table linens, etc. The top of the furniture can also be used to stage flower vase, candles, or antique collections. Over the years, sideboards have gone through a variety of design changes. Their use and placement have also changed. However, there are still a lot of demands for a vintage sideboard with mirrored upstand for their numerous benefits.


Vintage Sideboard with Modern Applications

As sideboards have traditionally been used as the focal point of a formal dining experience, their design has evolved quite formidably. Today, with the change in lifestyle and decorating style, you can easily rethink their purposes and integrate them in numerous modern composition.

Vintage sideboard with Mirrored upstand can be placed in dining room, living room, hallway, entrance, foyer, and so on. You can store many items in their spacious closets, while decorating the top with candles, flowers, or even plants, etc. As every part of a vintage sideboard is designed to create a cohesive composition, it can easily be a standalone piece in any corner.

Authenticity of a Vintage Sideboard

Traditionally, vintage sideboards were given some intricate wood finishes with detailed adornments. The knobs and handles are usually made using coppers, irons, or bronze, etc. While many vintage sideboards are often given a modern paint job, companies like Sommacal would provide all the documentations to prove its authenticity.

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